About Golf Course Owner, TMT Enterprises

TMT Enterprises is a partnership formed between Ryan, Cindy and Gary Thompson to purchase and operate the Trilogy Golf Club. TMT’s mission is to provide an exceptional golf experience via superior playing surfaces and first-class customer service.  Our team is committed to ensuring that your golf experience is memorable.

Ryan Thompson is a founding member of TMT Enterprises and has over fifteen years of management experience.  He is a graduate of Arizona State University and has over five years of hotel industry experience as well as 10 years of corporate financial management most recently with Hyperion Software of Santa Clara, CA.  Ryan has a love for the game of golf and lives in Chandler with his wife Cindy and their two children.

Cindy Thompson is a founding member of TMT Enterprises and holds a BA from SUNY Albany.  For the last several years, she has been a stay-at-home mom and prior to that she was an elementary teacher.  Cindy also has significant retail industry experience as well as a food and beverage background with Radisson Hotels.  Cindy lives in Chandler with her husband and their two children, Jordan and Cameron.  

Gary Thompson is a founding member of TMT Enterprises and currently owns and operates a 27-hole golf club in central Minnesota (www.genevagolfclub.com). Gary is also a real estate developer and has successfully planned and developed two residential communities adjacent to his golf club.  Gary lives with his wife Barb in Alexandria, Minnesota for 10 months of the year and spends the other two months at their home in Trilogy Power Ranch in Gilbert, AZ.